Call it SHAVED ICE ! This is not a snow cone, we use a top of the line ice shaver that transform ice into real snow...

Shaved ice

Flavor station Treasure Ice Land

Flavor Station

Self serving!

What is even cooler than having a shaved ice? 

A shaved ice that you can mix and combine your favorite flavor yourself !


 Ice Cream

Our hand scoop ice cream are generously served in a large waffle cone. We use top of the line Thrifty Ice cream.

Thrifty Ice cream Treasure Ice Land
Dipped cone treasure ice land.jpg


Our SOFT SERVE are made with real ice cream (no water based product).

We push the experience a step further making you a DIPPED cone, with 3 flavors coating available (Chocolate, Cherry, Blueberry).


Popping pearl lemonade

Popping PEarl



4 different flavors to combine one the best and funniest lemonade you ever tried ! 

Dipped cone treasure ice land
Blueberry dipped til
Cherry dipped til
til snowie building
football team treasure ice land
indoor set up treasure ice land
waffle treasure ice land
Treasure ice land